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PCF Time - Gallery Control

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I've been playing with PCF for last few days and I finally managed to finish my first control.

I wanted to make a control that will show thumbnails of image files attached in notes. First thought was to attach it to subgrid, but I forgot that you can't make subgrid of notes with OOB functionality. This didn't stop me of trying to make it work so I decided to bind it to the simple text field.

Control is a really simple one. It shows all the images that are found in notes and present them as images. When you click on a thumbnail you will get a bigger preview of the image just below the thumbnails. Clicking on a big preview hides the big one.

Under each thumbnail, there is filename displayed which is also clickable and will result with download action for the clicked file.

Here is the GIF that will show the control in action.

Download the latest solution here.

I know that the Typescript coding is not my strongest side at the moment, but I keep improving in the future for sure.

You can check source code at the GitHub repository:


The PCF just feels like a great tool for Dynamics developers and I think we finally have a tool that was always a dream by every Dynamics developer out there. There is also a features wish list already start at the community so you can check it out and support the ideas by others.

Can't wait to see what will community do with this powerful tool in following months.