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CRM workflows report

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How do you manage to monitor workflows on all your CRM instances? Do you even check if some workflows have failed in past days?

I had the same problem for a long time and then I thought maybe it's time to make some tool that will help me to monitor all those CRM instances. The idea behind this tool is that I wanted to make something that will send me a report at night about all instances that I need to monitor so I can start resolving the issues when I come at work in the morning.

Result of one report is shown on the image below

Image 162

The email contains a table with all the organizations that have some failed/waiting workflows where you can open those workflows with clicking on the workflow name and error log that is attached as TXT file where you can find all the errors in the execution of the console app.

More information and actual release of the app can be found on my Github profile. This is only an initial release that will be updated with more features and fixed bugs.

I hope that you will find this tool useful and if you have any questions regarding this tool you can send me an email or comment below.