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Ribbon suddenly​ disappears. What to do?

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"My ribbon suddenly disappeared! Fix it as soon as possible." -Angry Customer

If you spent your time customizing the ribbons on your entities you probably faced this issue, but there are not so many threads on the Web that are explaining this issue.

Most of the suggestions out there pointing you in the wrong direction, but will probably not lead you to the successful solution.

The answer is so simple and if you ask me very stupid. Your problem in the most cases will be just one field that you fill on button properties in your Ribbon Workbench. Maybe most of you had a dumb habit to copy-paste button label to most of the label/description/tooltip fields and thought that it's the fastest and the best solution when creating the new button on the ribbon, but that's what caused the issue.


The key to success is in the "Tool Tip Desciption" text field that is probably filled by accident of just for a no clear reason. When you remove all the characters that you entered in this field your ribbon will not disappear anymore and from now on you will never fill every single field that you thought will be nice to not leave empty.

Tip of the day after you had this issue will be to keep the things as simple and as stupid as they are in general, you don't need to fill every single field in there only because you think it will be much better that way. Think every time before you enter some information do you really need to type it or will it really help users in general.

P.S. Most of the users will never read your tooltips so don't type in the description for it :D